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What’s happening ladies and gentlemen, this is Minh from Architecture Inspirations Today I’m going to show you how I create a Weathered Gold Material in Vray 3.6 for Sketchup Let’s get started. In a previous video, I talked about increasing realism in your scene using surface imperfections.

Same with this situation, I want to use a gold material for this mirror but I don’t want it to be too perfect, so I can make it look rusted or “weathered” to add more realism to the material. For the Gold material, I just use this Gold Blurry material here from the Vray Material Library. Now how do we make it look Rusted? If you study reference photos of Weathered Gold textures, you’ll notice that the rusted areas usually have a different color, and it’s also not as reflective. With that said, we need to add a texture map to the reflection color. Any map goes here, for example a checker texture, will affect the reflection of the material like so. Bright color will make it reflect more while Dark color will reflect less and show more of the diffuse material underneath. But of course the checker texture is not the texture that we want for our reflection map. We want to use this Mix Map texture here, (in older versions of Vray, it’s called a Mix texture.) So what is a Mix (Map) Texture? This is a texture that allows 2 materials to be blended together using a third texture called a mix map. This is a grayscale texture that controls the opacity of the top texture which will then be placed on top of the bottom texture. In this example, let’s keep our bottom texture as black and make our top texture a white color.

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Now we’re going to add this Grunge material I have here, and I will tell you where I get it this texture later. Then let’s back out and see what the material looks like. You can see that we’re starting to have that rusted look but if you notice, the reflection texture overrides the Reflection color so our material is not gold anymore, that’s because our base color is white. So we need to right click this reflection color, copy it, and go to our reflection texture, and paste it There we go! Now it’s starting to look like a Weathered Gold material. Now let’s render our mirror and see how it looks. As you can see, the rusted texture doesn’t show up in the rendering even when I zoom closer like this, I still can’t see the difference. This is because the texture is too small. So we need to adjust the sizing, but as you can see, there is no texture here so we can’t even resize it. So what you can do is go to the mix map texture and click on this icon to Show the texture in our viewport. There we go, you can see that it’s way too small Now we can resize the texture using the Sketchup material editor. If it doesn’t show up in the rendering, just restart the render and you are good to go! Looking pretty good! Now let’s zoom in this area here, you can see that the material is still really smooth, so to add even more realism, we can use the mix map texture, which is this black and white map here, copy that, and go down to Maps, Bump, Turn it on, and paste it as a bump texture here. Then you can decrease the intensity to make it look better. There we go, that’s how you can create a weathered gold material in Vray 3.6 for Sketchup. Now I will show you guys where to find that grunge texture that I used earlier In the Vray material library, go to the Metal, and scroll down to this material here, in the reflection texture, it has the grunge texture as a mix map as well. It was a lot of steps that I show you guys but it was to explain how everything works. But for a faster workflow, what you can do is just add a gold material, then copy the reflection texture from the weathered metal material and paste it here. Then you can change the color of the reflection, finally add a bump map, and boom you’re good to go! Well that’s all for today guys! This is a mirror that I used in my latest model of a Victorian style Bathroom, if you want to get this bathroom model, sign up on my Patreon before April 30th to get it for $5, after that it will be available on Gumroad for $10. Thanks for watching guys! Leave a like if you enjoyed the video, comment below if you have any suggestions, stay inspired guys, and I’ll see you, next time.

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