Vray Virtual Reality (VR) / Stereoscopic Render Preview

What’s happening ladies and gentlemen this is Minh fro- Oh one second -gasp- Imma pause right here real quick. You see that box I’m holding right now? Remember this video? 6:1 Stereoscopic Render that’s designed for VR Headsets. I currently do not have one Well after that video blew up, Ted Vitale from Chaosgroup reached out to me and insisted that he would send me a VR headset It’s finally here so I wanna give a shoutout to him and Chaosgroup for being super awesome.

With that said, today we’re going to test out some renderings in VR! Let’s get started! First I’m going to go to the 3dwarehouse and pick out a model to render. I’m going to use the model of this atrium here. I’ll leave a link to it in the description box below so you can download and try it out too. Now I’m just going to render it with this button here. When that’s done, you will get a 6:1 cube map for both eyes, which technically makes it a 12:1 panoramic image. Now with my phone and the headset that Chaosgroup sent me, I can view this image in VR. I’m going to use an app called Scope, from IrisVR.com. You can go to their website sign up for a free trial, then upload your image to your profile Once that’s done, just download the app on your phone and login to get access to your image. If you don’t have your own image, there are some high-quality demo images for you to try out as well. But let’s try out this image we just rendered, you guys ready? Here we gooo Whoa, dang that’s actually better than I thought it would be This is actually my first time trying out VR too so it’s kinda dope to see it in action I think the fact that Vray rendered a different image for each eye really make it look better and less flat. Dang nice The materials actually look really good You know what would be cool though? If we have some trees in here that’d be freaking awesome. Whoaa Hello? Uh, what..is this like inception or something? Wait, is it though? Can I get another tree? Nothing? Okay, Whoa there it is, What the f-? Uhhh How about another one? No no no, gimme two this time maybe? Oh dang, there it is! but stop putting it behind me, I wanna see it in front of me. Maybe it’s gonna be on this side this time. Gimme some more Whoa-okay that’s too much Wait What is That’s like, it’s like that scene from Inception Now how can I get over- Whoa-okay that works too And those trees are still just hanging there Hm let’s see Let’s, let’s do something cooler this time Okay okay I got an idea, you guys ready?

  Art on Brick Wall (Blend Material) | Vray for Sketchup

Can I get some – Cars?! Ayee let’s goo Oh mann Dang look at the doors on that one Dangg Alright guys, I think – I think that is all for today, if you don’t mind me, Imma take one of these out for a ride. Hope you like the video, I’m gonna be honest with you though. You can’t just grow trees or create cars in a blink of an eye in VR, it was a lot of video editing that I did. But I mean, this might be the future of VR, wouldn’t that be freaking awesome? It’s gonna be like inception but in real life. I mean, what do you guys think? Let me know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to smash that like button and subscribe for more videos in the future. Stay inspired guys, and I will see you- Next time

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